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i <3 your grunions. have you ever thought about making stamps out of the designs [like the ones from your business cards]? i think those would be very cool.

Thanks! I like your stamps idea... maybe I will carve some erasers today!

i like the blue one in the 2nd row, wif da toofs and the sideways glance... may i reserve it?

Reserved! I put your name on it (not really, though).

whoop! just lemme know what to do next! will you be billing via paypal?

Ha, I don't know how to bill via paypal! But you can send paypal ($8) to sean at goblinko dot com.

(it's the "request money" feature on paypal)

will do!

Eeeee, I want them ALL! They look especially great all in a multicolored group. :)

There will be more of these later on, right? (I mean, not the exact same designs, but you'll keep making them for awhile...?) With my job situation so up in the air right now (and having just bought a $100 grill), I'm trying to be really careful about purchases right now, but I would definitely want to buy a little pile of these guys sometime to use as gifts!

I think the toothy one is my favorite. And the yellow cyclops.

You should collect them all!

Yes, there will be more, much more. I am some kind of one-woman factory.

(Deleted comment)
You got it! I took it out of the 'for sale' pile.

You can send paypal to sean at goblinko dot com.

these are great!
i really like the two in the upper left corner of the last picture, w/ the swirly eyes and the moustache

Thanks! (Those are two of my favorites, too!)

They are like cute little snack cakes with faces that make you grin from ear to ear.

Ha ha, snack cakes, that is perfect! Maybe that's what I'll market them as...

Oh My Fucking God Are Gradishes Related To Grunions!

Grunions have a much more polished and finished/professional look than the Gradishes, but I feel much more confident that I'll be able to sell them for "a suggested donation of" $6.

Were you making these before I posted my picture on Sunday? If you were, it's further proof that we're so totally related.

I've been working on them for a week or so... there must be psychic residue floating around out there telling us to make little weirdoes!

*waving* Requesting the mint-green minigrunion with the slightly cranky face, third from the left in the second photo. Yes, ma'am!

You got it!

(You can send paypal to sean at goblinko dot com).

those are all so very special & awesome!

Fluffy! They're made of acrylic felt, and filled with polyester fiberfill, so they are allergic to fire!

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