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Grunions #0446-0449
Secret Mystery Club Grunions for December 2006 (super-limited edition of four):

Vanilla Furry Smith

Vanilla Furry Smith

Size: 10" tall
Habitat: record stores
Food: Donkey Butter
Special Attack: Recitation of Obscure Lyrics
Notes: Vanilla Furry Smith lives in old fashioned, low-light record stores where he absorbs the vibes and reads record inserts in an attempt to solve the Kennedy assassination. Vanilla Furry Smith also makes annual trips to the Peruvian Andes to collect small tins of Donkey Butter which is manufactured by the Gerkle Torimaku Company, which is also rumored to be run by aliens or Japanese Turks. Vanilla Furry Smith might also work for Gerkle Torimaku Company, but it is unknown.

As usual, it is too late get a Vanilla Furry Smith of your own, but if you join Grunion Club between now and February 28, you can get in on the next supersecret Club Grunion.

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I love grunions. I adore the alphagrunions, especially the mustachioed T. I wish I had spare funds, I'd buy grunions.

You are so creative! I love the site. Did you build that too?

Just out of curiousity, how much time do you spend sewing? and WHERE do you find the time!?!?

Re: I heart grunions!

Sean did the site. Unfortunately he takes down my galleries each time he redoes the thing, there's supposed to be a LOT more grunion content on there.

I try to work on art/craft stuff at least a little each day. But I'm just now getting back into the swing of it. I was a making machine before I got pregnant, and then all the energy was sapped out of me by pregnancy, and then having a new baby to care for! Just to give you an idea, I number my grunions, and I made the first 415 between 1/03 and 6/05, and in the last year and a half I've only made 38!

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