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Today was our tenth wedding anniversary. To celebrate, we dropped the kids off with Jen & family and we headed over to Marché for a fancy dinner out. Armed with two gift cards, we were able to indulge in anything we wanted without worrying about the price (a real treat for us!). I of course brought along my camera (or two, shhh!) so I could get pics of the food, but between the low lighting and lens limitations, the pics didn't turn out quite as well as I'd hoped. Oh well, you'll just have to believe me when I say it was beautiful and delicious.


Sean started with oysters on the half shell. I didn't try them (even though I was being fairly food-adventurous), since raw shellfish is one of the things pregnant ladies are not supposed to eat.

trio of bruschetta
I started with the trio of bruschetta: olive tapenade with goat cheese, white bean puree with pecorino and smoked trout mousse with fried leeks. To my surprise, the trout one was my favorite (I'm not usually a fan of seafood).

Then we split a salad of mesclun greens with meyer lemon vinaigrette, which I forgot to take a picture of.

Speaking of forgetting to take pictures, when our entrées arrived, I was so excited to dig in that I forgot to take pics of the presented plates. Ooops!

grilled beef tenderloin
I had the grilled beef tenderloin with with bone marrow and sherry shallot demi-glace, served over roasted vegetables and kale-potato gratin. Yes, it really was that pink inside. Our server asked me how I wanted it cooked and I said "however the chef thinks is best, but I might freak out if it's too pink." When I first cut into it I had a moment of "should I have them cook it more?" but I tasted it and ooooh, I'm so glad I let the chef decide how long to cook it. This was seriously the best piece of meat I have ever eaten in my life.

smoked pork loin chop
Sean had the smoked pork loin chop with apples, bacon and pearl onions, served over scallion mashed potatoes. This was huge and wonderful. The combo of pork, apple and bacon was amazing. And there were little pieces of apple hiding in the mashed potatoes, too.

warm apple crisp with vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce
I had the warm apple crisp with vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce for dessert. Excellent.

cheese plate with apples, hazelnuts and thyme honey
And Sean finished his meal with the cheese plate with apples, hazelnuts and thyme honey.

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happy anniversary! tasty looking food. :)


happy anniversary to you! :D

Mmm, scrumptious looking food!

Happy Anniversary!

That is such good looking food!!! Happy Anniversary you two!

that looks delicious, happy anniversary!

the cheese plate looks awesome! I always go for the creme brulle but next time its cheese FTW!

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