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cleaning house and moving out
After nearly 8 years on LiveJournal, I've decided to stop posting here.

LJ was great in the days before social networking sites and before blog readers, but now it's just dying. In case you haven't noticed, I've stopped posting pretty much everything but my daily photos here.

So, I'm moving out. I'll still be here lurking a little bit (some of you don't have other online presences that I know of!) and commenting, but I'm not going to post anymore.

Please do connect with me in one of these other ways:

Read my blog to see my daily photos, as well as art and design projects, announcements, rambles and all that.
View my photostream on Flickr to see all my photos.
Add/follow me on Facebook or Twitter.

(Bonus points to anyone who can set up a feed so my blog will post over here for the die-hard LJers!)

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poop. I hate how LJ is dead -- not that I post very much. I will follow your other blog, though.

hey, it was a fun party while it lasted!

(Deleted comment)
I know. But it had to be done. Follow my blog in your reader! You're one of the few people I'm going to continue to read on LJ!

awww. :( I will follow you on Flickr though because I do enjoy your pictures. :)

Thanks. I'll still be reading you over here, just not posting here.

Balls. That's me one step closer to leaving, too. I'm starting to "follow" people at blogspot/google, so I'll still be in contact. Also Facebook. (And god help me, I just signed up for twitter.)

Yeah, too many people left to make it worthwhile to keep posting here. I find the google reader so much nicer than the LJ friends page.

Thanks for all the great posts over the years. It is sad how dead LJ is. I'll see you over at flickr.

Add my blog to your reader, too!

(Deleted comment)
aw, I'm going to miss you here! But yeah, LJ is dying, isn't it? I added you on FB if you don't mind.

haha you wrote a goodbye post!!!

(Deleted comment)
snif snif..

if you get an rss, please let us know.

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